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5 Questions to ask during first meeting in an Arranged Marriage

5 Questions to ask during first meeting in an Arranged MarriageinShareSavefirstmeeting When your family starts showing you pics of relevant matches and your marriage is one and the only topic of discussion on the dinner ...

5 Out-of-the-box Bachelor Party Ideas

Have you grown bored of seeing the same type of bachelor party ideas everywhere? Relax! We have got a list of some of the head-turning ideas that you will be.

Bachelor party, stag night, buck's night or wh...

The Growing Popularity of Online Matrimonial Sites in India

There were times when finding your partner happened through newspaper classifieds. But, the enhancing digital trends have taken over the newspaper classifieds system and today the online matrimonial business is the.


What is the perfect time to get married?

In a typical Indian family, the parental pressure for marriage starts to build up as soon as a girl is out of college and the boy has managed to grab a job. Not denying that the parents would have their own valid reasons...

5 Things to avoid while in courtship period

Courtship period refers to the period between the wedding finalization and the wedding day. This period basically gives you some time to know each other better. Not just an opportunity for the couple to know each other, ...

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