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5 Out-of-the-box Bachelor Party Ideas

Have you grown bored of seeing the same type of bachelor party ideas everywhere? Relax! We have got a list of some of the head-turning ideas that you will be.

Bachelor party, stag night, buck's night or whatever cool name you want to give, the traditional bacchanalian spirit has become stale and the new generation wants something... different. It's the age of social media and you wouldn't be stuck up doing the same thing you did for your friend Joe last year. Let your creativity flow for your friend's "last night of freedom" and give him some memories that would be unique.

1. For the road trip bro?

One of your road trip bros getting married? This calls for another road trip to dedicate his last days of bachelorhood. Ask him his favourite routes and plan everything, including a party night somewhere along the route. A full tank and some close friends provide all the magic for an exciting bachelor party a la road trip. But make sure that he returns for his wedding day on time.

2. For the adrenaline junkie friend?

We all have that one friend who likes to get high on adrenaline. It can be anything from extreme sports to adventure activities. Ask your friend what he likes the most and surprise him with a day filled with adventure and blood-pumping activities. You can take him for sky-diving, bungee jumping, paragliding or to a racing circuit. However, extreme caution should be taken while taking this route and every precaution should be taken care of with the help of experts.

3. For the foodie and wine aficionado pal?

Nothing beats a culinary or vineyard tour for your foodie and wine aficionado pal. You can go on a gourmet journey to some of the places best known for the food that your friend loves. You can also go on a guided vineyard trip. There are a number of popular vineyards which offer stay along with wine tasting tours, offering scrumptious food as well.

4. For your Indiana Jones buddy?

Do you have an adventurous friend who simply loves the outdoors and makes impromptu off-the-beaten-path trip plans, forcing you to come with him? It's time you surprised him and take him to a place where he will feel right at home. It can be anything like trekking, camping or hiking. Make sure you prepare the itinerary well enough before making the trip, which includes all emergency and safety kits.

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