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5 Things to avoid while in courtship period

Courtship period refers to the period between the wedding finalization and the wedding day. This period basically gives you some time to know each other better. Not just an opportunity for the couple to know each other, but it is also a good time for families to meet up and understand each other's expe.

Don't kill personal space

Though there is a need to spend time together to understand each other better but do identify and stick to that thin line between spending time together and giving personal space. Do not suffocate the other person nor let anyone them suffocate you. Allow them their personal space and do not just jump into their life cutting them off from the rest of the world. Understand and respect ones privacy needs and wait till he/she opens up on their own.

Don't build exceptionally high expectations

Setting up high expectations and hopes in the beginning often results in disappointments and disagreements at a later stage. Don't make unreasonable promises, which you might not be able to commit to later. Be honest about yourself and about all the facets of your life so as to build a strong foundation to your relationship and do not engage in fake commitments to make your partner happy with the relationship for the time being. This can land you in huge trouble post marriage.

Be unconditional in your relationship

A relationship built on conditions is not a healthy one. The list of conditions will keep on piling up with the passage of time and so will pile up the burden on the relationship. Let your partner live a life of their own. Do guide and support when required and offer your suggestions without being dominant. Encourage a condition free relationship and take practical decisions by engaging in healthy discussions.

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