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Screening Failed / Verification Delay Reasons

Photos To Be Uploaded On System Guidelines

  • Do not upload/send a photo which shows only a side of your face, or where your face is only partly visible.Please send/upload clearly visible front face photos only
  • Do not upload/send blurred or unclear photos.
  • Do not upload/send watermarked, digitally enhanced or morphed photographs for uploading
  • Do not upload/send anything written on photos
  • And Do not upload/send group photos
  • Note :: If as described any above conditions match then such Photos will be rejected during screening process
  • Note :: will not tell you anything or give reminders for this and you will be solely responsible for the delay in verification

Verification Call Process

  • If you make registration in our system SATHICONNECT( and becomes a registered customer then we will screen your profile to check its authenticity and for the same we may give you a verification call in (next 48 hours or later) in near future from the date after you complete your registration process
  • Please make sure you recieve our call for verification as you will get a verification call in (next 48 hours or anytime) in near future
  • In case you not receive our verification call, then no calls will be made to you for next 7 days and then its solely your responsibilty to call us for verification to make your account active
  • In case you not get any verification call from our side and still your profile is under screening, then its solely your responsibilty to call us for verification to make your account active
  • Note:: Please do read the message on dashboard in case your profile is not activated or screening failed due to any reasons. And accordingly correct those errors to make verification process complete

Screening Failed / Verification Delay Reasons

  • In case you have not recieved verification call or entered wrong/fake/incorrect details like (Name, Date of Birth, Birth Time, Birth Place, Photo, Brief Description About You / Partner Preference) etc, at the time of registration then your screening process failed. So check the message on dashboard indicating errors and do correct details
  • If anything goes wrong like entered details/photos or your profile seems fake due to valid reasons or by any other means, then your profile will be treated as fake and will not be activated. So, to activate your account call us on +91-9549802248 or drop mail on
  • Note::So please check that you have entered correct information while registration
Note:: Please check above mention guidelines and reasons for screening/ verification failed or delay reasons and correct them accordingly to make your account active.In case you have any query drop us mail on or call us on +91-9549802248